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We will be back and better than ever, Fall 2016. 

I have a

“I have hair issues,” declares Christine DiBenedetto, the founder of BIG LIFE THIN HAIR, the leading website for women that suffer from female pattern hair loss.  My hair has always been a huge part of my identity, has driven my career choices and it has led me to launch – for women like me. “

So, what inspires a 40+-year old, working mother of two to launch a hair loss site?

“I had to. In order for me to cope and thrive with my own hair loss, I had to create a place where women like me could openly talk about it. Even in 2015, it is such a taboo topic when women lose their hair. I have spent over twenty years of my career talking to women and believe in the power of community, knowledge and sharing. Power to the people has always been my personal motto.

Places online I visited did not represent my BIG LIFE; my zest and quality of life that I live. Instead, they were reflective of women for were afraid, inhibited and limiting their lives in ways that scared me. They seemed hopeless, like my desperate condition was imminent. There was nothing available for me.

When I started to explore options and seek information about my own hair loss, I was disappointed by what was available. There was no central place for information or support. BIG LIFE THIN HAIR serves to be that community and resource I was looking for; a place for real women to learn, connect and inspire each other to not be afraid; to love themselves.